77 Lubricite ™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather

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Sisters Lynda & Laurie

(L-R) Sisters Lynda & Laurie

Andrew Galgano

Adrew Galgano- 77 Lubricite™ formulator

  An exerpt of some coresponding letters while “77” was being imagined

An exerpt of some coresponding letters while “77” was being imagined

Our Story

The timeless technique of Hand/French Polishing for restoration, refinishing or repairs is still popular today among furniture finishers, artisans, as well as wood & leather craftsman.  Laurie Cristodero and Lynda Pope, sisters and owners, would like to re-introduce you to 77 Lubricite™. Our product has been around for a long time, although that makes it sound “old”, it is still simply the best shellac based modern padding lacquer ever developed.

Product development for 77 Lubricite™ was inspired by our grandfather Andrew Galgano who takes all the credit. He made many trips over seas admiring the beautiful hand rubbed finish on European furniture pieces. Upon a visit to England, he purchased a wooden tobacco pipe from Marechal Ruchon & Cie (RBC).  The fabrication and brilliant luster on the pipe caught his eye and he confirmed through the pipe manufacturer the finish was shellac.   

Back in the states, he studied the art of French Polishing and practiced on furniture pieces and a variety of different wood. He then returned to England to perfect his technique from trained European polishers. He observed the tedious process of hand mixing shellac, alcohol, oil and waxes and the time consuming application of those ingredients to achieve the desired finish. Andrew envisioned a “ready for use” shellac-based product that set up quickly, was more durable than straight shellac, was easy to apply requiring no oils, and had no over powering odor. He sought the perfect blend of many ingredients that would produce the most beautiful finish of our day.
He collaborated with chemists to formulate the perfect padding lacquer, and after much trial and error, Paddysole (original European generic name) was created.   Samples of his proprietary formula were sent to furniture and fine wood finishers in England and France. After our grandfather suddenly passed away, we discovered handwritten letters between he and esteemed polishers dated 1948. They all agreed his paddysole was the “best they had ever used”.  As Paddysole’s popularity grew, he changed the name to 77 Lubricite™, due to the lustrous finish it achieves. The number 77 represents “lucky in life” and the French word lubricité translates in English to “lustfulness”.

Our grandfather was confident he possessed a product that would change the traditional method of hand finishing with shellacs, alcohol, oils, and waxes. He started soliciting businesses in New York City demonstrating the benefits of “Paddysole” to furniture makers, refinishing companies, pipe and antique shops. R.H. Macy’s & Co. Furniture in NYC was his first substantial client whom used it for refinishing and repairing their wood and leather furniture in store, and off site, as well as their fine wood unit displays throughout the store. He eventually opened his own company in Brooklyn, New York, which manufactured and distributed coatings for wood and metal. His natural knack for formulating exceptional formulas, enabled him to produce other high quality products including stains, thinners, lacquers, polyurethanes, and of course, 77 Lubricite™ padding lacquer.   As the company expanded, the “77” (as many call it), was sold as a superior high end product, but only marketed by word of mouth in the New York area.  Its easy application, compatibility to mix with alcohol based stains and powders and compatibility to revive leather products made our padding lacquer the most versatile on the market.

Our family owned and operated coatings company has been around for three generations.  Sadly, in 2019 we had to close our doors. Our 65 year old company fell pray to New York’s tedious regulations, costly insurances and increased overall costs of manufacturing chemical coatings in New York. As customers were notified, and word traveled that our factory was closing, we witnessed an overwhelming outpour from our customers that the 77 was not going to be available anymore. We were bombarded with customers saying; it is liquid gold in a bottle, we cannot use anything else, it’s the best and its’ in a category its’ own, please keep making it!”  

Thus, Laurie and Lynda decided to keep 77 Lubricite™ alive and sourced it out to a trusted manufacture in New Jersey.  We formed our women owned coatings business called Lubricite Finishes, LLC,  and started marketing 77 Lubricite™ nation wide. Laurie lives in New York and Lynda resides in Atlanta. “We are perfect balances to each other and love working together”!

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