77 Lubricite ™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather

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Commercial Lacquer Removers & Thinners

Lubricite Finishes are owners and distributors of 77 Lubricite, as well as carriers of commercial lacquer remover and thinner. 77 Lubricite is our bread and butter. A time tested shellac-based padding lacquer that brings out the beauty of wood and leather. And when you use the French polishing technique, you will get results that surpass all other finishes. But you can also turn to us for the best in commercial lacquer remover. Some of the biggest companies in the United States utilize our lacquer removers and thinners when repairing and refurnishing their products and materials. Some of our most notable clients includes Ralph Lauren, Shumaker Furniture, Hancock & Moore, and Stickley.

For more information about all of the items we sell, please check out our products page. We proudly carry a great selection of lacquers, primers, sealers, removers and more. Everything a business needs to manufacture and sell high-end products, such as furniture. And great for wood and leather repair and restoration projects.

Using Lacquer Remover and Thinner

The use of lacquer thinner softens and thins away paint that is typically difficult to remove, since it is solid on smooth surfaces. You can also use a lacquer remover to eliminate leftover residue from cements and plastics. Many furniture restoration shops use a commercial grade lacquer remover in order to complete a project. These thinners effectively remove the paint and allow for a cleaner finish. And when it is in the hands of a true professional, using our removers enables a beautiful finished product.

A lacquer thinner or remover is also common during the manufacturing process, as it enables a smoother finish. Due to its overall strength, lacquer thinners and removers are very effective in diluting and changing the properties of lacquer. These products change the lacquers viscosity, which allows for lacquer finishes to resist sagging and running in vertical surfaces. Resulting in a finer finished product. This note is especially true for manufacturers that deal with wood furniture, as it keeps the wood in great condition for a longer time.

Commercial Lacquer Remover For Sale

We have some lacquer removers available for commercial use. This professional grade lacquer remover is perfect for many commercial and industrial uses and some of the biggest companies in the United States utilize it during manufacturing. And is the first step for many before using Lubricite as a wood repair lacquer. We have some Z-best remover that works great for many industrial applications. Let’s take a look at some of the lacquer removers and thinners we have for sale. If you would like to place an order, please fill out an order form today. We can fill you in on all of the details.

Z-Best Remover Semi-Paste

This is one of the best all-purpose semi-paste removers on the market. Works great for hand stripping and it clings to vertical surfaces. It will quickly remove most paints, epoxies, varnish, automotive paints, shellacs and lacquers. It is also gentle on your hands, has a low odor, and is non-flammable. The semi-paste has a stain pulling action that makes furniture restoration and repair projects easier.

When you neutralize it after with a water power wash, it can also lighten the wood surface providing for a different look. It is water washable. Or your can neutralize with our #100 lacquer thinner. You can also wipe it away with some rags without washing too. One of the easiest lacquer removers you will find on the market!

Z-Best Remover Liquid

The Z-Best lacquer remover liquid is the best all-purpose commercial liquid finish on the market! It has all of the same features as the semi-paste, except in liquid form. So applying it is easier and still safe. A perfect commercial lacquer remover for furniture repair and restoration shops, as well as furniture manufacturers. The Z-Best Remover Liquid is also a popular option for any sort of wood-based project.

No Wash Remover

Lastly, we come to the no wash commercial lacquer remover. No neutralization is required for this remover, unlike the liquid and semi-paste removers. This is the product to use when neutralization is not ideal. It is the perfect choice to use on fine furniture and antiques. Simply apply and wipe clean after stripping with rags. Excellent for flow-on, dip tank systems and hand stripping. It will not pull stains or lighten the wood. Allowing for excellent results in the repair and restoration of the furniture or antique.

#100 Lacquer Thinner

Our #100 Lacquer Thinner is a superior quality, all-purpose medium temperature thinner. It is great for neutralizing or washing furniture and millwork surfaces after stripping. Use it to clean spray guns or add nitrocellulose, pre-cat, or conversion varnish. Available in 1 and 5 gallons.