77 Lubricite ™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather

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Lubricite 77 is a Perfect Leather Lacquer

77 Lubricite™ is a shellac based padding lacquer that you can also use as an effective leather lacquer. Use this leather lacquer to seal in color on leather, as well as adding some extra protection. Our formula is mostly shellac based with a little bit of nitro cellulose. In most cases, when you put shellac on leather it will cause the leather to crack. However, our combination of ingredients do not crack the leather. It is so reliable that even Ralph Lauren uses 77 Lubricite on their leather.

We have refined linseed oil in the formula that keeps the leather pliable. You can glaze this finish on for color, while effectively sealing the leather. This feature is uncommon for a product that has shellac in it, but that is what makes Lubricite 77 unique. We have customers working with some of the high-end furniture stores that use if on the leather. They know it is safe and they know it gets results!

Lubricite 77 is a proprietary formula that makes up our modern-day French Polish. However, it is not really a conditioner or a polish that you might see on the market. It is a unique material you can only find and purchase through our website. It is for anyone who hand polishes wood and leather. You can also mix it or combine it with our QT and Arti-Olesol alcohol stains for staining and glazing. Perfect to use for touch-ups with aniline and mineral powders.

For more information about how to use our leather lacquer, please check out our Youtube channel for guidance. Interested in purchasing Lubricite 77 to use as an effective leather lacquer? Fill out a contact form or give us a call. The number for our office is (888) 659-5529. When you call, we can provide you with further details about our product.

Why Use Leather Lacquer

Lubricite 77 is mostly considered a wood finish lacquer, however you can apply it to leather too! The purpose of our leather lacquer is simply to lock in the color once you apply it to the surface of the leather. Once applied, it leaves a soft, natural feel on the leather. All without making it seem or look artificial, which can happen when you try to touch up leather. It will significantly improve the touch and texture of the leather, which ultimately results in a very smooth, soft and silky feel that is natural and realistic.

And it is perfect to use on furniture and will turn old looking leather furniture into something that looks almost brand new again! It is ready to use with no mixing necessary. It offers low VOC’s and odor, which also adds to its benefits for leather repairs. Too often you may get a bad smell after you do the work, but not with Lubricite 77! Learn more about this woodworking shellac and how it will go great with your applications.

Lubricite 77 Will Restore Old Leather

Overall, Lubricite 77 is an excellent choice to use as a leather lacquer and many clients use it on furniture and antiques. It is the perfect product for discolored leathers, since it is able to restore a luster and shine to the leather unlike any other shellac based finish. Get a new, improved version of your item when you use Lubricite 77 to restore it to its old glory. While also protecting it from dirt, grime and stains due to its protective finish and seal. So make the smart choice today and go with Lubricite 77! Check out all of the products we have for sale. We are proud to offer a great selection of items to help with your finishing needs. Achieve the look and feel you want by choosing the product that is right for the task! When you choose Lubricite 77, you get a finish that lasts!