77 Lubricite ™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather

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Padding Lacquer Seller

77 Lubricite is a world-renowned padding lacquer used by many different industries, which includes upholsters, antique dealers, wood and leather manufacturers, hotels, fine furniture restoration and more. It is even a great product for DIY’ers. So, if you need to polish a wood or leather surface, then 77 Lubricite is the padding lacquer for you! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our product and how many industries use it.

Buy 77 Lubricite as Your Padding Lacquer

77 Lubricite’s™ proprietary formula is a shellac-based padding lacquer that is used for French polishing, wood repairs and sealing leather. This product is more durable than straight shellac and is ready for use directly from the bottle. There is no need to mix shellac flakes, alcohol or oils. It is low odor and offers a quick drying ability that makes it perfect for any onsite repairs. 77 Lubricite™ has a one-year shelf life and is time tested. When you use our padding lacquer, you will be extending the longevity of the wood or leather surface.

77 Lubricite Features

77 Lubricite™ will:

  • Pad out any imperfections.
  • Build the finish where you need it.
  • Color pad perfectly with alcohol stains and dyes.

Apply 77 Lubricite™ over the following surfaces:

  • Raw wood or newly stained wood.
  • Existing wood finishes, like shellac or lacquer.
  • New and old leather to seal in color and keep leather pliable.

Using 77 Lubricite as your padding lacquer is perfect for that one-step result that can dramatically finish any wood or leather surface. Padding lacquer in general is a great option if you want to put multiple coats on or simply want/need one coat. It is a thinner finish than other materials, but improves on the durability of the surface.

77 Lubricite Hardener

Our 77 Lubricite Hardener is the perfect companion to use alongside our renowned padding lacquer. Many people typically use it on more heavily used surfaces. However, it is not necessary to use with the 77 Lubricite. This hardener is a nitro cellulose-based additive that will give extra durability to heavily used surfaces when properly applied. Users of this hardener should be experienced with 77 Lubricite in order to get the best results. Poorly executed use can lead it to hardening the surface and leaving streaks, essentially leaving the project in ruins and needing to start over.

The French Polish Finish

Our time tested 77 Lubricite™ shellac-based padding lacquer brings out the beauty of wood and leather that surpasses all other finishes when applied properly using the French Polishing technique. When using the French polishing technique use a pad to apply onto a surface. This pad ranges anywhere from a cheese cloth to a rolled-up t-shirt. Use a pad that you feel comfortable with and the end result will be exactly what you imagined.

In general, French polishing is a method of applying shellac to a surface in order to create a high-gloss finish film that has depth. However, this method needs to be done by professionals. Failure to properly apply it could lead to an underwhelming finish. Learn more about the French polishing method and why 77 Lubricite is the best product on the market when it comes to elite finishing.