77 Lubricite ™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather

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Wood Antique Finish & Restoration

Repair, Finish and Restore Antique Wood Furniture with Lubricite 77

77 Lubricite™ is a shellac-based padding lacquer that is proprietary formula and makes up our modern-day French Polish. Lubricite is for anyone who hand polishes antique wood and leather. Users can mix or combine Lubricite with our QT and Arti-Olesol alcohol stains for staining and glazing. Also use Lubricite for touch-ups with aniline and mineral powders. By using Lubricite properly, you can save and restore wood furniture and antiques. Do not let father time ruin a family heirloom or take away from a beloved piece of furniture. And do not let scratches or damaged finishes diminish your love for your antique. Restore it to its original glory by applying Lubricite. Get the most beautiful finish possible by using our product!

For more information about our product and its uses as a wood antique finish, please reach out to us today. And check out all of our products. We carry a full line of quality coatings and finishes for wood finishing industries. Refinish, restore, repair, revive, burnish and glaze with Lubricite 77! We proudly serve antique dealers, upholsters, furniture repair and restoration companies, wood manufacturers and more! By utilizing 77 Lubricite, you are taking a necessary step in restoring and preserving antique wood furniture.

How Lubricite Works

77 Lubricite will do the following as an antique wood finish when applied correctly:

  • Pad out imperfections.
  • Fill in surface scratches.
  • Build the finish where needed.
  • Color pad perfectly with alcohol stains and dyes.

Apply Lubricite over raw wood or newly stained wood. Perfect for old, antique wood, since it can restore its original luster. And it dries quickly between coats, so the application process is not too long or difficult.

Types of Antique Restorations

When it comes to restoring an antique, there are various terms and types. From thoroughly cleaning something to full-on structural repair, antique restoration takes on various forms. And is perfect when handling antique wood furniture. Let’s take a look at the common terms and types of antique restoration.

Antique Restoration

Antique restoration is the work completed in order to bring an antique or heirloom as close to its original condition as possible. It can include structural repairs and finish restoration. By applying Lubricite, you can bring back the finish of nearly any wood antique.

Antique Repair

Repair for a wood antique includes fixing scratches, gouges, water stains, broken legs, loose hinges, and more. When you use Lubricite, you have the ability to fill in and smooth our cracks, scratches and crevices. At the end, the surface will look good as new!

Antique Finish Restoration

The patina, or surface sheen, of an antique can make a huge difference when it comes to its value. An antique finish restoration will protect the patina developed over time, all the while enhancing it, too. Lubricite is easy to apply and the finish will be beautiful.

Antique Refinishing

When you refinish an antique, the original surface is removed and replaced with a specialty varnish, which you can find in our line of products. You can refinish a whole piece of furniture or smaller parts. Or simply focus on any damages. At Lubricite, we have commercial removers and lacquers that will make this job as easy as possible.

Antique Stripping 

Stripping an antique piece involves applying a chemical solvent that removes the finish of the piece and brings it back to bare wood.

Depending on the type of restoration or finish of the antique, it may require different processes. From light touch up to more in-depth filling and smoothing, Lubricite can get the job done and turn any antique into something beautiful again. Many industrial antique finishers use our top-of-the-line product to restore even the oldest antiques back to their original luster. When you finish wood antiques, it may increase the value of it, too.