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Lubricite’s Wood Finishing Products

Wood Finishing Products For Commercial & Professional Use

Having quality wood finishing products to use is important. At Lubricite, we stock a full selection of wood finishing products that are perfect for the wood and metal finishing industries. We proudly serve many commercial establishments and industries to bring them the best products on the market. Upholsters, antique dealers, fine furniture restoration and repair shops and restaurants are just a few of the companies that turn to use for affordable wood finishing products. And not to mention the DIY’ers looking for professional grade products.

Great Selection of Wood Finishing Products

Now that you know some of the reasons for wood finishing, check out some of the great wood finishing products we have for sale.

For more information about our wood finishing products, please reach out to us today. The number for our office is 1-(888) 659-5529. When you call, we can go over what products we sell and the various pricing options available. If you want to place an order, you can fill out an order form. Provide the details of your order and what you want. Get professional grade wood finishing products at affordable prices when you turn to Lubricite Finishes!

Why Wood Finishing Products Are Crucial

Since the client pool is so diverse, a good wood finishing product serves many purposes. So, that makes it even more crucial to get the right one for your application. For many, wood finishing is done for aesthetic reasons. You know, the wood is starting to age and discolor. With professional wood finishing products, you can make it look good as new! And even apply a new coat of paint. These products can also protect the wood and essentially make it waterproof. Thus creating an end product that will last longer and look better. And then we come to smoothening, which allows for a smoother end product. Over time, wood can become bumpy. So adding a top layer makes it more smooth and gives it a cleaner feel. Learn more about what makes wood finishing important and the various products we sell to help you with the job.

Moisture & Water Proofing

Keeping moisture out of wood is perhaps the number one reason to use wood finishing products. When moisture seeps into wood, it can damage it and degrade it. Once this happens, it is more prone to breaking, aging, or pest infestation. However, when you finish wood with a waterproofing compound, you make it more resistant to water. These products will add to the lifespan of the wood object and can be essential to many commercial establishments that buy or sell wood products. Get professional grade products when you turn to Lubricite and keep your wood finishes clean.

Discoloration & Blemishes

Table with Lubricite wood finishing productNobody likes a blemish and when wood ages, it tends to discolor. Which lowers its aesthetic value in general. And wood blemishes in general can simply be a natural part of wood growth and unavoidable. So in many cases, the wood used for furniture needs to be finished before selling. Wood finishes can safely stain the surface of the wood, so that you get the desired effect. And depending on the application method, the look or texture can change. For example, the french polish technique is a common method that works great on wood. And the end result looks fabulous. Many furniture repair shops and manufacturers turn to Lubricite for professional grade lacquers and finishes.

Smooth Out Unfinished & Untreated Wood

Lastly, there is the smoothening of a wooden object. Most particularly wooden furniture. Our wood finishing products work great for furniture repair and restoration and many manufacturers, like Shumaker Furniture Services, reach out to us. When it comes to the manufacturing of wooden furniture, the wood often needs to be treated since it is unfinished. This means it is rough and undesirable. Once you easily apply a topcoat finish to the wooden piece of furniture you will see a brand new shine that makes it appealing to buy. Not only that, finished wood is also used for construction projects. Avoid splinters from untreated wood by finishing the wood before starting.