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Wood Primers For Sale

Lubricite manufactures and sells a wide range of wood primers and offers them for sale at affordable prices. All of the primers we sell are easy to sand. When applying the wood primers, we recommend 2 coats. If you are using it on a soft or open grain wood, then you will likely want to use 3 or 4 coats. To help the coats adhere together, we recommend sanding in between coat applications. This allows for a stronger bond. Here are the different types of wood primers we have for sale.

  • 3005 White Undercoat Primer – High solids and fast drying. This primer sands easily without gumming up. You can top this primer with a water base, oil base or a lacquer.
  • 1712 Flat White Primer – High solids primer for wood furniture and other products. When you add an etching thinner, you can use this primer on metals, too.
  • 1713 Semi-Gloss White Primer – High solids primer for wood that is fast drying. With the addition of an etching thinner, you can use this primer on metals too.
  • 333 Black Undercoat Primer – A high solids, fast drying primer to effectively use on wood.
  • 222 Glazing Liquid – An oil based primer.

The 3005 White Undercoat Primer is just for wood and is a more sophisticated formula that stands out from the more general types of primers that you will find in chain stores. But all of these primers are great for commercial use and for industrial applications. Many companies from around the United States use our wood primers on a daily basis for their wood products and furniture. The results for these primers speak for themselves.

Please reach out to us today to purchase these wood primers. Fill out an order form if you know what you want. On top of these wood primers for sale, we also have many other great products available.

What is a Wood Primer?

A wood primer is simply the undercoat of prep coating that you put on wood before painting or putting another coating on the wood surface. Using a wood primer increases the durability of the paint job and ensures a better adhesion of the paint to the surface. And on top of that, it protects the wood that is being painted.

Professionals use wood primers for many different types of applications. The most common use for using wood primers is when you are painting new wood that is not stained yet. Using a high-quality primer or an oil-based primer, like the ones we sell, can help extend the lifespan of the wood surface. If the new wood is painted or stained, then you may want to use a stain-blocking primer. Fore older, more weathered wood surfaces, using the wood primers for sale at Lubricite are the way to go. These oil-based primers dry fast and sand easily.

Before using the wood primer, you will want to thoroughly clean the wood surface and then sand. After sanding, be sure to remove all of the dust that has accumulated during the sanding. And then perhaps even take a damp cloth to be sure it is free of anything. By taking these steps, you ensure the best finish for the primer. And depending on the type of wood, you can apply anywhere between 2 and 4 coats.

For professional assistance, please be sure to reach out to the team at Lubricite.

Pre-Cat Lacquers for Wood

In the family of wood primers are pre-catalyzed lacquers, or pre-cat lacquers. Pre-cat lacquers are specifically designed for use on high traffic areas, such as kitchen and bathroom woodwork. A pre-cat lacquer can be used as a self-sealing product or you can use a separate sealer. The separate sealer is typically done for sanding purposes, since that sealer is likely easier to sand.

The term “pre-catalyzed” simply means that a catalyst has been added. This catalyst, when exposed and applied, will make it dry harder than a typical lacquer, which is why is it ideal for those high traffic areas. The hardness allows for a longer lifespan and more time in between applications.

This single component catalyzed lacquer provides high water and mar resistance. We recommend it for use when you desire some extra durability. A pre-cat lacquer is more durable, harder, and more water resistant than a regular lacquer. When you use a pre-cat lacquer, we recommend a combined use with catalyzed sealers or vinyl sealers.

At Lubricite, we sell Magna-Shield™-Pre-catalyzed wood lacquer, which is a very durable, flexible lacquer. Apply without chipping, cracking or issue of recoating window. It is simple to use and apply through most spray equipment.

Pre-Cat Lacquers for Sale

These pre-cat lacquers are available in 1 and 5 gallon sizes.

  • Magna-Shield Clear Sheens – 90%, 75%, 45%, 25%, 15%
  • Magna-Shield Pigmented White – Gloss, Satin, and Primer
  • Magna-Shield Pigmented Black – Gloss, Satin, and Primer