77 Lubricite ™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather

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Wood Repair Lacquer

Lubricite 77 Is Excellent at Repairing Wood Surfaces

The French Polishing technique, which is recommended for using our Lubricite 77 lacquer in general, goes hand-in-hand with overall wood repair. Many of our customers utilize our product to effectively repair all sorts of wood surfaces. From furniture, to cabinets, to antiques, use Lubricite 77 to restore and protect wood surfaces.

Lubricite is perfect for many in-house projects both big and small. From home repairs to small scratches to gouges in a piece of furniture, our wood repair lacquer will get the job done! Even use it to fix millwork. For expert use of Lubricite, you can mix it with some mineral powders to put some color back in the scratch. Or use wood filler if it is a chunk missing. And then simply use Lubricite to blend in the rest of the area. Here is a YouTube video to get an idea of how to effectively use Lubricite as your professional wood repair lacquer.

Sometimes clients will mix powders with regular lacquer-based products as well, sometimes called tonal powders or mineral powders. Our Lubricite is easy to bring into your home, since it does not have a strong odor. And it does not matter what sort of finish is currently present on the wood, since Lubricite is designed to amalgamate with most finishes.

By using our wood repair lacquer, you help your wood floors, wood furniture, and other wood details in your home or commercial space. From small nicks to chipped corners to deep gouges, blemished wood is an eyesore. But some damage does not mean you need to buy new furniture. Whether it is a repair that requires precision or a complete restoration, you can use Lubricite to get you the surface looking like new again. Please reach out to us today for more information. Lubricite is the lacquer of choice for many companies and contractors, but home owners can use it too for repair around the house.

Check out our full selection of wood finishing products for sale. And couple the use of Lubricite with various commercial lacquer removers and thinners. We are proud to be your one-stop-shop for various lacquers, primers and other materials for finishing surfaces.

Use Lubricite For Various Wood Restoration & Repairs

When it comes to repairing damaged wood, even the smallest of fixes can result in a major improvement. Here are some various uses for our wood repair lacquer. Achieve the highest results when you use Lubricite as your choice of wood repair lacquer. Many industries, professionals, and contractors use Lubricite on a daily basis.

Woodwork & Fabrication

Use Lubricite to fix broken wood pieces, such as legs, joints, and molding. If there is a piece missing, professionals can use Lubricite during the fabrication of replacement parts.

Custom Wood Stain

Create a custom color-matched stain that blends perfectly.

Retouching & Color Matching

For many experts, using Lubricite aids in custom wood-finish retouching and color-matching, which brings your wood furniture, flooring and more back to like-new conditions.

Stripping and Refinishing

Lubricite works great for major projects and surface overhauls, such as on wood furniture, cabinets, flooring or millwork. Contractors and homeowners may opt for stripping the surface and refinishing it for a fresh look. Lubricite is the choice for many when it comes to a woodworking shellac.

Scratch and Dent Repair

Normal wear and tear can easily show on your wood surfaces. Users can easily repair many common scratches and dents in wood surfaces with precision when using our lacquer.

Water Rings & Stains

Expertly use Lubricite to remove cloudy water stains from various wood surfaces. Restore the color and the finish by the end.

Doors, Wall Panels, & Millwork

Use Lubricite to repair and restore wood doors and decorative wooden wall panels with precision.

Overview of Wood Repair Process

If you are a homeowner or contractor, you can use our wood repair lacquer on-site at the home or office. It is easy to bring to any location and use without difficulty. Of course, each repair job is unique depending on the type of wood and the overall damage. But there is a general process when it comes to repairing wood surfaces, so you can expect the following process for it:


It is crucial to inspect the wooden surface closely for any surface level damage, as well as to check for any structural considerations. This will impact how much lacquer you may need and the overall time for the project.


Before using Lubricite, it is important to clean the area thoroughly. Otherwise you risk the lacquer not working as well on the wood, resulting in a mediocre finish.


Use Lubricite for both small precision repairs and larger structural repairs. It can handle all sorts of wood surface repairs and end with a finish that looks sleek and smooth.


Once the repair aspect is handled, then users can move to the final finishing. This includes custom-match stains, paints, sealers and topcoats. A professional hand can utilize Lubricite to its fullest potential.