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Wood Stain by the Quart

What is Wood Stain?

At Lubricite, we sell wood stain by the quart, which is available in a variety of colors. But what is wood stain? Wood stain is a type of paint that is used to color wood that is comprised of colorants dissolved and/or suspended in a vehicle or solvent. The “vehicle” refers to water, alcohol, a petroleum distillate, or a finishing agent such as shellac, lacquer, varnish and polyurethane.

Pigments and/or dyes are largely used as colorants in most stains. The initial application of any paint or varnish is absorbed into the substrate similarly to stain, however the binder from a stain resides mainly below the surface. While the pigment remains near the top or at the surface. Colored or stained finished do not typically deeply penetrate the pores of the wood. They might actually largely disappear when the finish deteriorates or is removed.

Wood stain is typically composed of the same three primary ingredients as paint, which is pigment, solvent, and binder. However, the mixes are different, since wood stain is primarily solvent, then pigment, and just a small amount of binder. The overall aim of a wood stain is to add color to the surface, while leaving some of the substrate (wood) still visible. Once this application is finished, transparent varnishes or surface films are applied. A general principle of wood stain is that they do not provide a durable surface coating or film. However, since the binders are from the same class of film-forming binders that are used in paint, there is a build-up of film. Lubricite manufacturer wood stain by the quart and the end result of our product is unparalleled on the market.

Wood Stain For Sale by the Quart

At Lubricite, we have a great selection of wood stain for sale by the quart. Our superior quick time (QT) stains are solvent and dye-based and provide excellent results. QT stains are fast-drying and are perfect as a background color or an overall stain. This wood stain will penetrate and bites well with brilliant color. And it mixes with any of our clear lacquers for sale.

QT Alcohol Stains

Here is the selection of wood stains we have for sale. Prices may vary, so please call or email for pricing options.

  • Red Maple
  • Cherry
  • Yellow
  • Yellow Maple / Fruitwood
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Orange
  • Brown Mahogany
  • Red Mahogany
  • Dark Red Mahogany
  • Light Brown Walnut
  • Medium Walnut
  • Brown Walnut
  • Old English
  • Ebony Black
  • Cordavan
  • Green (Check stock)
  • Blue (check stock)

DP Arti-Olesol Stains

Our Arti–Olesol DP stains have the same excellent qualities as our QT stains, however have pigment paste added. This addition means a slower drying time than the standard QT stains and has to be wiped off. This wood stain is a non-fading stain with brilliant color and also mixes well with any of our clear lacquers. Call or email for pricing since they may vary depending on the color. Available in gallon sizes.

  • Light Brown Mahogany
  • Medium Brown Mahogany
  • Dark Brown Mahogany
  • Dark Red Mahogany
  • Dark Mahogany
  • White
  • Ginger
  • Red Maple
  • Cherry
  • Old Walnut
  • Black
  • Golden Oak
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown