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Z-Best Remover

When it comes to removing stains and creating a smooth, new finish on wood, look no further than Lubricite’s Z-Best Remover. We offer this remover in two different types, each coming with their own set of application methods and benefits. So use accordingly! Learn more about our Z-Best Removers and how they may be right for you!

Z-Best Semi-Paste Remover Features

This is the very best all-purpose semi-paste remover on the market for hand stripping! It offers some great features for each user. It is available in one gallon, five gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums. So you have the option of getting as much or as little as you need, which helps when it comes to budgeting a project. Here are the features for our Z-Best Remover Semi-Paste:

  • Quickly removes most paint, epoxy, varnish, shellac and lacquers.
  • Clings to vertical surfaces.
  • Is non-flammable and non-grain raising.
  • Low evaporation rate and odor.
  • When using, it is gentle on the hands and glue joints.
  • Can lighten the wood surface when neutralized afterwards with a water power wash.
  • You can wash with water or neutralize with our #100 lacquer thinner. Or simply wipe with rags for no wash.
  • It is PH activated, so it may darken the wood if you allow it to stay on the surface for too long.
  • Treat with Oxalic Acid in order to bring back the color.

Directions for Use

When using Lubricite’s Z-Best Semi-Paste Remover, first apply a heavy coat with a pure bristle brush (do not use nylon brush). Brush in one direction only. After 10 to 20 minutes, remove the softened finish with a scraper. If the finish is not completely removed, apply the Z-Best Remover again. When the original surface is reached, wash with solvent
or water and wipe clean. Allow the surface to dry before refinishing it.

Z-Best Liquid Remover Features

This is the very best all-purpose liquid finish remover available on the market. It offers many great feature for users to utilize. Learn more about these wonderful features. Our Z-Best Liquid Remover is available in one, five and 55 gallon drums.

  • Quickly removes most paint, epoxy, varnish, shellac and lacquers.
  • Excellent for flow on, dip tank, or hand stripping.
  • It is non-flammable.
  • Has a low evaporation rate.
  • Discreet odor.
  • Gentle on the hands during use.
  • Can lighten or darken the surface depending on how long it is on the surface and how quickly you neutralize it.

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Lubricite has years of experience selling professional thinners, removers and solvents. These products include our Z-Best Remover, which comes in semi-paste and liquid. The remover is perfect for wood finishing projects large and small. Simply choose the type and quantity you want and get results that are unlike anything else on the market. And since these removers are perfect for wood finishing projects, be sure to check out our woodworking shellacs as well as our wood finishing lacquers. Both of which can help you complete any wood finishing project.

For more information about our wood finishing projects, please give us a call. The number to our office is 1-(888) 659-5529. When you call, we can happily discuss and questions or concerns you may have about our selection of wood finishing products for sale. So please, do not hesitate to reach out!