77 Lubricite ™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather

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Lubricite™ Finishes

Owners and distributors of 77 Lubricite™ padding lacquer, Lubricite Finishes carries a full line of quality coatings for the wood and metal finishing industries. We feature the finest coating line formerly known as Industrial Finishing Products (IFP), Albi Fireproof Coatings, Hood Finishings, and Dux Paint.


77 Lubricite™

77 Lubricite™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather. Using the French Polishing technique, 77 Lubricite™ will produce the most beautiful finishes of our day.

*Refinish *Restore *Repair *Revive *Re-Condition *Burnish *Glaze


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What is 77 Lubricite™

77 Lubricite’s™ proprietary formula is a shellac-based padding lacquer that is used for French Polishing, wood repairs and sealing leather. It is more durable than straight shellac and is ready for use directly from the bottle. No need to mix shellac flakes, alcohol or oils. It’s low odor and quick drying ability makes it convienient for on site repairs. 77 Lubricite has a one year shelf life and is time tested.  *Refinish *Restore *Repair *Revive *Burnish *Glaze 

77 Lubricite™ will:

  • Pad out imperfections
  • Build the finish where it is needed
  • Color pad perfectly with alcohol stains and dyes

77 Lubricite™ can be applied over:

-Raw wood or newly stained wood
-Existing wood finishes such as shellac or lacquer
-New or old leather to seal in color and keep leather pliable 


Application method for Wood

  • 77 Lubricite™ is applied using the French Polish/Hand Rubbing technique.
  • A PAD is recommended for application on wood.

Our Clients

Clients refer to Lubricite™ as “77” and “Liquid Gold”.  77 Lubricite™ is an official sponsor of Antique Trader Magazine.

We Proudly Serve

  • Upholsters
  • Antique Dealers
  • Fine Furniture Restoration and Repair
  • DIY’ers
  • Wood Instruments
  • Molding/Chair Rail
  • Wood Manufactures
  • Leather Manufactures
  • Hotels
  • Clocks and Music Boxes
  • Restaurant woodworking and furniture

Our time tested padding lacquer brings out the beauty of wood and leather that surpasses all other finishes when using the timeless technique of French Polishing/Hand Finishing. Perfect for antique polishing!


Compatible over any finish


Ready to use with NO mixing necessary. Low odor makes it great for on site wood and leather repairs


Apply using the French Polish Technique


Dries quickly in between coats


Fills-in & smooths out surface scratches & imperfections


Mixes with Aniline/Mineral powders & solvent based stains, such as our QT and Arti-Olesol stains

Man holding a finished wood antique