Welcome to the home of 77 Lubricite "The Original" formula. 

 77 Lubricite is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather that produces the most beautiful finishes of our day. $77/gallon


What is 77 Lubricite?


77 LUBRICITE is a three in one padding lacquer like no other. Customers refer to it as "liquid gold". It has been a hidden secret in the industry since the late 40's and we are now distributing it nationwide. If applied correctly, you will never use anything else to repair or finish your fine furniture and leather.



Unlike traditional French Padding Lacquer, 77 Lubricite 's proprietary formula gets the job done with one product. The gloss and beauty of the finish is controlled by the degree of your application. The luster grows, and repairs diminish with each layer you apply. 77 Lubricite will:

* pad out imperfect marks in wood and leather.    

*  build up the finish exactly where it is needed.

* color pad perfectly with compatible stains without the use of oil.  


What Can I use 77 Lubricite For?

  • Antique Restoration
  • Fine Furniture finishing and repairs
  • Burnish or repair fine leather products such as furniture, saddles, boots, and all leathern products
  • Wood instruments such as guitars, pianos, violins, cellos

Tell us what you use Lubricite for. We would love to share your success story in our customer gallery.

How to use 77 Lubricite