Welcome to Lubricite Finishes

77 Lubricite is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather that produces the most beautiful finishes of our day. 

77 Lubricite is for anyone who stains, pads, rubs, antiques, burnishes, highlights, shades and polishes by hand.



What is 77 Lubricite?

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Unlike traditional French Padding Lacquer, 77 Lubricite 's proprietary formula gets the job done with one product. It has a low odor and quick drying time. The luster and beauty of the finish is controlled by the degree of your application. 

With each layer you apply, the luster awakens, and imperfections diminish. 

 77 Lubricite will:

* Pad out imperfections 

*  Builds the finish where it is needed.

* Color pads perfectly with our QT alcohol stains without the use of oil.  

*Touch-up using aniline powders

*Low fumes allows you to work in confined spaces

*Dries in minutes between coats

*Seal and burnish leather beautifully, leaving the leather pliable

*Darkens stretched leather and leaves a brilliant shine without residue

*Diminishes scratches


77 LUBRICITE is a shellac based padding lacquer that is ready to apply by hand. You do not have to mix shellac, alcohol or oils. It's all in there, along with a dozen other ingredients! It is unlike any French Polish you have ever used.

How did we do that? We didn't, but our brilliant grandfather did. Click here to see how.

Our Clients casually refer to Lubricite as "77" and "Liquid Gold". Lubricite has never been marketed other than by word of mouth in the NY metro area, and top fine furniture manufacturers. 

We want everyone that hand polishes fine wood or works with leather to finally learn about 77 Lubricite!                


Feature our bottle in a video, mention us in a demonstration, tag us on social media, and we will do the same to help promote YOUR business. We love our Lubricite customers!

Tell us what YOU use 77 Lubricite for. We would love to share your testimony with others and convince them how our awesome "77" is!


77 Lubricite is for those trained in hand finishing. We do not recommend an inexperienced hand using our product. 77 Lubricite is not meant to be sprayed or brushed on. 

*1 year shelf life.

 Lubricite Finishes Proudly serves: 

  • Antique & Fine Furniture Restoration and Repair
  • Leather Furniture Manufacturers
  • Upholsters
  • Equestrian Tack/Saddle Manufacturers
  • DIY Industry
  • Wood Instruments 
  • Piano Industry
  • Grandfather clocks, music boxes, gun cases, paneling, picture frames, fine decor and so much more.


EMAIL sales@lubricite.com or CALL 888-659-5529 for prices or purchase order