77 Lubricite ™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather

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How to use 77 Lubricite

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Begin by using a cotton pad, cheesecloth, or soft t-shirt. Shake off the lint and smooth out wrinkles to avoid marks. Apply 77 Lubricite™ directly to the “pad” and apply, moving quickly in circular motions on the surface you are treating. Never use a brush or spray. There is NO NEED to add oil or any other mixtures to the 77 Lubricite™.

The first three or four padding strokes should be done very lightly, gradually covering the entire surface of the piece. Slowly increase the pressure until the pad has dried out and slips smoothly. Pad lightly. Let the padding material take as it chooses. The pressures should be progressively increased until the pad has dried out and slips smoothly. 77 Lubricite™ dries almost instantly. It is converted from a liquid to a solid in three to five minutes. 77 Lubricite™ DOES NOT NEED OIL OR LUBRICATION, as it was formulated to overcome the objections of the old fashioned French Varnish methods.


Pad the piece from left to right without stopping, using semi circle strokes. To better fill the pores of the wood or leather, pad in a slim figure eight motion. Once filled completely, straighten out the circles by padding in even straight lines. Do not keep the pad in place, as it will mar the finish. Blend out small spots on large surfaces, and always lift the pad at the end of your stroke, just as you would do when painting a large surface. Pull upwards when you get to the edges.

77 Lubricite™ can be sanded in between coats with free cut sandpaper. For dulling to a satin, use 4/0 steel wool pads, applying lightly, or rub lightly with 4/0 pumice stone (with water or oil), using a rubbing felt.

Use only our #20 solvent, denatured alcohol, or methanol. Any other thinner will not achieve the same results.

*To thin, wet the pad with both our solvent and 77 Lubricite™ completely before starting. Keep the pad moistened with solvent, add the 77 and press the pad and contents vigorously in the palm of your hand.

You can readily manipulate the applications to produce a thin or heavy coat as desired. The solvent will be pressed through the gum while padding, thereby helping to temper the gum to the surface. Add more 77 Lubricite™ or solvent to the pad as needed.

Mix our alcohol based liquid stains for overall color and glazing. For best result:, mix stain and 77 in a separate container starting with 10% of color and adding more until the you have reached your desired color. Complete your process with hand polishing steps above.

Use only alcohol base dry powders with 77. using a small brush, mix small amounts directly on a porous surface like cardboard, and combine as you would on a painters palette. Apply mixed powder color directly to surface to fill in scratches or any touch-ups needed. Continue with the french polishing steps above steps above.

Burnish or repair your leather using your learned technique.

For additional information, click here Guide To French Polishing. Learn how to properly use Lubricite 77, a fantastic shellac used for wood polishing, woodworking, and for use of leathers. When using the French polishing technique, the end result will be a beautiful finish! 

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