77 Lubricite ™ is a superior padding lacquer for wood and leather

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How to use 77 Lubricite

*See our YouTube Channel for “How To” video demonstrations 

 77 Lubricite™ is a superior modern padding lacquer that is used for wood and leather restoration, refinishing, and repairs. Our shellac based proprietary formula should be applied using the French or Hand Polishing technique and is ready for use directly from the bottle. 77 Lubricite™ enhances the depth and beauty of wood and produces the most beautiful finish of our day.  Leather top tables/leather products are instantly renewed and protected against cracking and drying out. 

Do not transfer into an aluminum or metal container.  Store tightly sealed in dark, cool location
*Expires 1 year after opening

77 Lubricite™ can be combined with aniline powders for color matching repairs or mixed with our solvent based stains for all over added color.  Ideal for repairing scratches or minor surface imperfections. Compatible with newly stained wood and most existing finishes.

Surface Preparation:   An existing wood finish must be cleaned of oils, waxes, polishes, dirt and fully dried. Mineral Spirits is recommended.  Prepping the surface with light sanding is at the discretion of the finisher.

Prepare Pad:  Use cheesecloth or a white lint free t-shirt material to make a “polishing pad” that must be free of wrinkles or creases. See our video on how to “Make” and “Charge” a polishing pad on our website.  If the pad is drying out too quickly due to climate or altitude, simply add a small drop of linseed or olive oil directly onto the pad and spread out evenly with your finger. Re-charge the pad and begin with your next thin layer.  This helps keep the pad moving smoothly over the surface and prevents dragging or streaking. 

Application for wood: If applying 77 Lubricite™ to an overall surface, use the French Polishing Technique.  We recommend visiting our YouTube Channel for complete instructions. Once your pad is properly “charged”, begin to apply the 77 Lubricite™ to the surface in one continuous straight pass, following the length of the wood. Go back and forth, slightly overlapping layers for 3-4 passes. This is considered your first “coat”. (Never stop moving the pad or it might stick and mar the finish).

Let the finish dry a few minutes. 77 Lubricite™ dries quickly between coats. Re-charge your pad and continue with the next thin coat using light pressure and circular or figure eight motions. Let dry for a few minutes, Re-charge your pad and then begin to apply the next coat using slightly more pressure, with strokes going in a straight pass again across the surface. This will diminish the stroke marks and smooths out the finish.  Always lift the pad at the end of each stroke.  The pad should be in constant movement.  Continue applying thin coats until you reach the desired sheen. The gloss is controlled by the degree of application. The more coats you apply, the higher the gloss will be. Sanding lightly between coats with fine steel wool or sandpaper will produce a duller sheen if desired.  Avoid hot items or alkaline liquids directly on top of the finished product.


77 Lubricite™ can be sanded in between coats with free cut fine sandpaper or fine steel wool. For dulling to a satin, use 4/0 steel wool pads, applying lightly, or rub lightly with 4/0 pumice stone (with water or oil).


Use our #100 solvent, denatured alcohol, or methanol ONLY with the 77 Lubricite™. Any other thinner will not achieve the same results.

*To thin:  wet the pad with both solvent and 77 Lubricite™ completely before starting. Keep the pad moistened with solvent, add the 77 and press the pad and contents vigorously in the palm of your hand.

You can readily manipulate the applications to produce a thin or heavier coat as desired. The solvent will be pressed through the gum while padding, thereby helping to temper the gum to the surface. Add more 77 Lubricite™ or solvent to the pad as needed.


Mix our solvent based dye stains for overall color and glazing. For best result: mix stain and 77 Lubricite™ in a separate container starting with 10% of color and adding more until the you have reached your desired color. Complete your process with hand polishing steps above.


Use only aniline/mineral powders with 77 Lubricte™. Using a small brush, mix small amounts directly on a porous surface like cardboard, and combine as you would on a painters palette. Apply mixed powder color directly to surface to fill in scratches or any touch-ups needed. Continue with the french polishing steps above.

See our “Wood Touch Up Video


Burnish or repair your leather using your learned technique. 

For additional information, click here Guide To French Polishing. Learn how to properly use 77 Lubricite™, a fantastic shellac used for wood polishing, woodworking, and for use on leathers. When using the French polishing technique, the end result will be a beautiful finish! 

Please reach out to us today and learn more about this product. From commercial lacquer remover, to padding lacquer, to wood finishing lacquer, and much more! We look forward to hearing from you!