Co-Founders and sisters Lurie and Lynda

If you look closely at the scroll on our label, you will see a double "L". That stands for Laurie and Lynda. That's us, the grand-daughter's to Andy, our amazing grandfather who developed 77 Lubricite and so many of our products. We have taken over his original formulas and are now spreading the word throughout the U.S. 

Inspired by trips to Europe to learn the art of French Polishing in 1948, 77 Lubricite’s proprietary formula was created. Working with chemists to perfect a padding lacquer containing more than shellac flakes, alcohol and an oil component, his dream would soon be realized. He envisioned a product that gave a brilliant luster, set up quickly with no over-powering odor and took less time to apply. After much trial and error, 77 Lubricite was born exceeding hand polishers expectations.

He sent samples to artisans in England, France and Germany to evaluate his formula. While going through a desk in our family's coatings factory, we found handwritten letters to our grandfather. They spoke about his travels overseas meeting with Master French Polishers whom tested his formula. The artisans then corresponded back and forth with our grandfather, very impressed. You can see in one of the letters shown, the writer said "it is better than anything I ever tested" and "the polishers who tested it, all said it was perfect". We learned it's original name was Paddysole and that they deemed his formula "the best they've ever used".  

One of the letters between an Artisian in England and our grandfather Andy dated 1948.

 One of the letters between an Artisian in England and our grandfather Andy dated 1948.


Most of our stains, primers, lacquers, thinners, and reducers are proprietary formulas masterly developed by our talented grandfather. You may recognize many of our product names from our original family business that we had in Brooklyn new York for 7 decades. Our formulas and products have a reputation for being exceptional products in the industry. Our manufacturer is located in Lodi NJ and we will ship anywhere in the US, or you can pick up at the facility. Our products are  available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails. Click here for our product list.